Alfred Premium & Alfred Plus: Unlock Exclusive Features!


I’m new here and I need to know if there’s any trial of the hd vision?

Why? Because the phone I’m trying to use t
Is lg p710 and he have a 480p 8mp camera and the recording is a bit bad and worse if internet is bad… Any ideas?

Thank you


Hi @generictec,

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Actually, the camera doesn’t make as much of a difference once you upgrade to HD. Making sure your connection is stable and relatively fast would be a good bet.

You can always subscribe for a month just to see how it works for you!


So, even if I have a great internet, since it’s 480p the result will be the same?

I notice that the camera always focus on the light and leave the dark places unable to see, any way of you (Team) fix it? Even with night mode the issue is the same.


Hi @generictec,

Thanks for reaching back out!

What I mean is the pixel of your device doesn’t matter as much as a stable connection. In other words, if you have great Internet, you should give Alfred Premium a go!

The situation you are describing could be caused by your setup. Could you adjust that or disable auto focus to see if it helps?

Keep me posted!


All since to be very nice but I got one simple problem. That I can’t do on the spot recording and prove that to the police.

My camera always auto lockout.


Hi @peterneo08,

Thank you for reaching out!

Manual recording during live sessions is a feature that is currently only available for Alfred’s Android version. If you are not watching a live session however, Alfred’s Motion Detection will automatically record clips when it detects movement.

Hope this helps!


Is good and benfite so i need camera HD