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Available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

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Alfred WebViewer requires the latest version of Chrome or Firefox browser.

Hi there,

Alfred web viewer service has finally come to reality. You are only one step away from using Alfred on the computer: update your CAMERA PHONE, yes, the one you use to watch your home.

click here to update your Alfred:

One More Step


All you have to do now is install Alfred on a second device, set it as Camera, log in with the SAME Gmail, and then you can start watching live video feed!

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Camera Settings
  • Camera Name
  • Trust Circle
  • Delete Camera
  • Auto Low-Light Filter
  • Current App Version
  • Access Priority
Delete Camera

Are you sure you want to delete

Rename the camera

Build a trust circle

Share this camera with...
In the trust circle are:

Motion Detection

Camera Settings
  • Camera Owner
  • Leave Trust Circle

Leave Trust Circle

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Access Priority

Accept incoming Viewer and terminate existing Viewer's connection

Accept when Camera owner tries to connect

Reject incoming Viewer and keep existing Viewer connected

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